Natural Stone Arches

Rainforest Art Foundation is proud to feature the Natural Stone Arches exhibition at the Marlene Yu Museum, 710 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.

Director Stephanie Lusk said, "In Natural Stone Arches, we see majestic formations of earth that remind us of the power of wind and water over time. Some take on the semblance of towering creatures. Some are like windows that frame awe-inspiring landscapes. Some appear as strong, yet ever-changing bridges. Some take on a balancing act, as if they might topple at any moment. Occasionally, people send us photos of nature that we feel are too good not to share. So the artists for this show are unknown photographers and Mother Nature.

"Our Founder, Marlene Yu, says anyone can be an artist inspired by nature: she encourages everyone to get out into nature and take photos. Let nature be your guide. Observe scenery up close and afar, how sunlight breaks through forest trees, the intricate texture of bark, mushrooms on decayed logs. At Rainforest Art Foundation, we believe that connecting with nature is often the first step towards conservation. We hope that photography continues to be an experiential and artistic medium that many people can relate to and that increases appreciation of nature."