Spirit of Nature in Africa

Rainforest Art Foundation is proud to feature the Spirit of Nature in Africa exhibition at the Marlene Yu Museum, 710 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.

Stephanie Lusk said, "In our annual international photo exhibition Nature Through the Lens, we feature nature-inspired art from Rainforest Art Foundation's professional photographers, emerging artists, and artists who work in multimedia. In this year's Spirit of Nature in Africa show, we also feature the art of photography hobbyists, who traveled to Africa specifically to capture snapshots of impressive animals in their equally impressive natural habitats.

"Our Founder, Marlene Yu, says anyone can be an artist inspired by nature: she encourages everyone to get out into nature and take photos. Let nature be your guide. Observe scenery up close and afar, how sunlight breaks through forest trees, the intricate texture of bark, mushrooms on decayed logs. At Rainforest Art Foundation, we believe that connecting with nature is often the first step towards conservation. We hope that photography continues to be an experiential and artistic medium that many people can relate to and that increases appreciation of nature."