CALL to local artists!

Artists residing in North Louisiana are invited to submit by October 6, 2014 via email a brief bio, a brief statement of their work, a profile or face photo, and a photo of their artwork with caption describing a particular piece's title, year, medium and dimensions for one or all of the following inaugural exhibitions:

1) The grand opening of the Rainforest Art Foundation on December 21, 2014 starts with the "Beauty and Spirit of the Rainforest" exhibition. Art may feature wildlife such as plants, flowers, animals, forest or rainforest scenes. Inaugural exhibition will celebrate Minor Vinck's glass work and nature etching on his 99th birthday on January 22, 2015. 

2) "Disappearing of the Rainforest" exhibition, spring 2015. Art may highlight green movement themes such as forest fires, landslides, deforestation, carbon emissions, endangerment to wildlife, community displacement, global warming, and glacial melting. 

3) "Nature Through the Lens" photography exhibition, spring 2015.

Writers from around the world are invited to submit a 250- to 2500-word short story in English by October 6, 2014 for the following:

A new international program for the Rainforest Art Foundation features science fiction literary, digital media and comic, and performing arts narratives of what life would be like in extreme weather conditions, where 'global weirding' is the norm. Selected works will be presented to digital media and comic artists for their interpretation of the written work, and one or two pieces may be chosen for live theater production. Projected fall 2015 to spring 2016.