River Rocks Life aims to increase appreciation of nature through outdoor skills development.

Our current goal is to save the swimming pool at the Rainforest Art Foundation at 710 Travis Street in Shreveport, formerly the YWCA, to become our paddling and climbing training center. 

Water activities may include rolling sessions, access to individualized kayak instruction and group training, yoga and stand up paddling, kayak polo, slalom races, boat ball tournaments, rope swing, boat launch, flatwater playboating. 

Climbing activities may include a basic starter wall, birthday parties, traversing wall, vertical ascents, safety classes, knots lessons, slack line, slide and zip line. 

Logo designed by Rafael Doolittle

Logo designed by Rafael Doolittle

Future projects may include a regional river festival (see how Reno, Nevada teamed up with local casinos and area vendors to install a whitewater park along their city's river), installation of flat water slalom gates and safety signage at Hamel's beach in memoriam of the 6 teens that drowned in the sinkhole in 2010, and promote school-wide swim requirements. 

River Rocks Life is not religious, but was founded in part by Christians who wanted to honor the creation of water, minerals and life. We are partnering with local and national paddling, conservation, and outdoors groups. 

River Rocks Life is currently a program of the Rainforest Art Foundation to increase appreciation of nature through alpine and aquatic arts. Please donate at: